Piano Movers

Let Ero Moving of Milwaukee Help With Your Piano

Moving your piano can be one of the most complicated parts of your move.  Here at Ero Moving LLC of Milwaukee, we are here to take that stress off your shoulders.  While you may be considering moving your piano on your own, it is important to think about all the reasons hiring movers will be worth it.  If your piano is a family heirloom or simply one of the most important pieces of furniture you own, you want to make sure it is properly taken care of during your move.

Since a piano typically weights between 400-800 pounds – with grands weighing up to 1,200 – it becomes pretty clear as to why you would want to hire professionals like Ero Moving of Milwaukee.  When you are moving extremely heavy items it can be dangerous for not only the people doing the moving, but also for your prized possession. Pianos cost a lot of money, and therefore you should put the extra money in to have it moved.

When you have decided to use Ero Moving LLC of Milwaukee, you will need to tell us what type of piano you have so we can give you the best estimate on the market. As your moving costs depend on specific factors, so does your piano.  Do you have an upright, a baby grand or a grand?  The size will let us know how many men it will take to move your piano.  Are you upstairs? If so, that will also change the amount of manpower.

Moving a Piano in Milwaukee

Heavy Duty Moving Blankets: These are a must when preparing to move large items. They are thick, durable blankets used to protect the wood from nicks or scratches during the move. Blankets also ensure your new walls and molding will not get scratched when going around corners.

Furniture Dolly and Piano Board: While a hand truck works well most household items, you will need a heavy duty furniture dolly that can support the weight of a piano.  You will also need a piano moving board. This is a secure base which is outfitted with proper divots to secure straps around your piano during the move.

Furniture Straps: As mentioned, straps are an extremely important part of moving a piano.  When using straps, be sure to place blankets between the piano and straps to avoid any damages from the straps. The piano should be double strapped to the side of the truck to guarantee it will not move during transportation.

Prepare Your Piano for Transportation

One of the best things you can do to prepare for Ero Moving LLC of Milwaukee to move your piano is to prep your space. Make notes of any doorways, sharp corners, or narrow hallways. Check out any space that may be likely to cause difficulty and compare them with your piano measurements. If you have a grand or baby grand our movers know to remove the legs to make for an easier move.  Also, make sure any rugs are picked up to provide a smooth trip out the door with your piano.

Ero Moving LLC of Milwaukee understands pianos are expensive and fragile, but also tend to have family lineage tied to them. That is why our goal throughout your entire moving experience is to make sure to keep your piano protected.  Let our professionally trained moving team safely handle the moving of your priceless piano!