Moving & Packing Supplies

Essential Moving Supplies

Ero Moving LLC of Milwaukee knows packing for your move can be a huge task, as with most things, it becomes easier with proper preparation and tools.  There are so many moving supplies out there right now which make the simplest decisions stressful. Even down to deciding what size box is going to work best for which items.

To ensure a smooth experience moving, it is best to make sure every item is place in a properly sized box.  When purchasing moving boxes, you are going to want to have several sizes on hand.  Remember you want to pack the heaviest items in the smallest box possible, and conversely lace lighter items in larger boxes.  If you are in need of boxes with dividers, and on a budget, check with your local liquor store.  They oftentimes have extra boxes with cardboard dividers to help protect glassware. Lastly, make sure to fill boxes to capacity.  If they are over-filled, they become bulky and difficult to stack.  On the other hand, if they are under-filled the box is subject to crinkle.

Ero Moving LLC provides you with many of the essential moving supplies, along with our outstanding customer service. When you hire us our team of professionally trained packers will come to your house before moving day to get all of your possessions packed. Ero Moving of Milwaukee will make sure your items are packed in the most efficient way to keep all of your items safe during transportation. We are available to pack as much or as little as you would like.

Prevent Damage with Proper Packing

Moving Box Sizes

While we are able to supply each customer with the above supplies, we typically do not supply the moving boxes.  Here is a break down of different sized boxes to help you figure out which boxes would be most helpful for you.

Typically referred to as a book box is approximately 1.5 cubic feet.  It is best used for heavy items such as books, cans, stand up mixer, dishware, and more.